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Since 2014, Leder Games has been building immersive designs that put players first. In 2015 we released Vast: The Crystal Caverns, a ground-breaking asymmetric strategy game. In 2018, we released Root, which has won numerous international gaming awards for both its design and production. Since then, we have released many acclaimed games, including Vast: The Mysterious Manor and Fort. In 2021, we will release Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile.

At Leder Games we believe in creating socially conscious games that reward repeat play and study. These are games meant to be enjoyed for many years. Game design, art direction, illustration, and product design are all handled holistically from the start of every project until its completion.

This creative spirit extends to the structure of the company. The vast majority of our staff are employed full-time and have benefits. Everyone is enfranchised in the success of all of our games, both old and new. We pay our interns too.

This means we might be a little slower at making games than your average game company, but we work hard to treat our titles with the utmost care and create games that we think can stand the test of time.

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