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We’re often asked to explain what a “bellwether” is, or why we chose to be “Bellwether Games.” To put it simply, a bellwether is a leader of the pack, the first to discover the joy of what’s ahead, and a positive support to all those coming along. That’s why we’re Bellwether Games! Our mission is to produce joy through the games we discover and the interactions we share.

What types of games produce joy? Glad you asked! There are four criteria we uphold in the games we develop:

1. Joy through Discovery: Some game companies offer you and your friends the same old games they’ve been publishing for decades. Not us! Every game we produce endeavors to be new or unique or to ask you to look at the world a little differently than you have before. This is the joy of discovery – exploring something new for the first time in a game we’ve created.

2. Joy through Design: When we started this company over 4 years ago, we set out to learn as much as we could about quality design from great game designers. Combine those lessons with eye-catching and professionally manufactured products and you’ve got designs you’ll be proud to share with any of your friends.

3. Joy through Engagement: An engaging design is one that keeps you interested the whole time, not just the first few minutes, and not just when its your turn. We know you’re a bellwether whenever you choose a new game to show your friends and we want your whole group thank you for treating them to a great game experience.

4. Joy through Friendship: We make games for people to enjoy with others! Friendship helps bring people to the table and our games help build your friendship. Its a great cycle and we’re proud to be a part of it!

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