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Átomo Games is a publisher mainly for children and families, whose commitment is to provide table games where young and old alike enjoy. That is, we do not make games exclusively for children, but for the whole family.

By creating games that bring satisfaction to parents and children alike, we try to help families enjoy a shared leisure time in which everyone enjoys equally. We fight to change the "do you play with me?" by "what are we playing today?"

Obviously we cannot forget the pedagogical contribution of board games to children, and the improvement of different skills according to the type of game. Therefore, also seeking the maximum educational component, a large part of our games are created by teachers, educators and experts in game-based learning (GLA). Currently our catalog has many of the most recognized creators nationwide.

Last but not least, Átomo Games is a great family where Spanish creators, illustrators and designers collaborate closely to make projects that truly meet your expectations. Even the manufacture is carried out in Spain in the vast majority of cases, in order to promote the Spanish board game industry. Átomo Games is written in English (for export purposes), but it is a "Made In Spain" product.

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