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GMT Games is now in its 30th year of creating and publishing a broad line of Wargames, Strategy games, Eurogames, and Family games. Although headquartered in Hanford, California, GMT is a 21st century "virtual company," with management, creative talent, and art and design teams spread all over the world, connected via the internet. Almost all of our day-to-day interaction between team members and with our customers occurs online. 

Diversity and Inclusion: We reject racism and discrimination in any form. Within our teams, we find that diversity of background, point of view, and experience brings strength to our joint endeavors. So we continue to expand our teams to promote diverse voices as we learn from each other and move forward together. All gamers are welcome at our events, where we strive to create a safe, welcoming environment for all attendees.

To ensure that we get face-to-face time with our teams and customers, we are hosts of and active participants in various game conventions worldwide. Twice each year (in April and October) we host a GMT Weekend at the Warehouse, where we host team members and customers for a four-day event of open gaming, shared meals, meetings, and fun. We also attend ConsimWorld Expo, World Boardgaming Championships, Origins, and a variety of regional conventions each year to facilitate engagement between our team members and our customers. 

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