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Do it games (DOITBCN GAMES SL) was born as a table top game publisher in 2018 and established in Barcelona.

We are a family business whose love for board games goes back many years. We have been regulars at the Essen Fair for a few years, to see all kinds of news, try games, look, review and of course, to buy until we leave no space in the suitcases to expand our board games collection.

We love all kinds of board games and we try to play every time we have the chance, organizing or going to the meetings, since the social component that the board game entails is very rewarding: nothing better than some good games with family and friends, always in good company to enjoy the hobby we love.

We launched ourselves with this project because we had wanted it for a long time and, now, the time has come. We do it with great enthusiasm. We know that every beginning require effort. Therefore, we must overcome the lack of experience and have a lot of respect for the already established publishers. The enthusiasm and time of dedication will not be lacking, therefore, we put ourselves to the full with it.

I hope that the games that we are publishing are of your interest. If you need any information about them, here we are. We will be happy to help you.

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