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If the world were a board, Gen X Games would be that square where every player wants to fall, as the cards in our event deck are unpredictable and exciting.

Gen X Games is a Madrid publisher whose main mission is to edit board games designed in Spain for the international market, but we also license important and surprising international games.

This publishing adventure began in 2008, although the Gen X team has played, translated, distributed and sold games on a professional level since dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Our goal is to provide the market with a hybrid between the gameplay and design of Eurogames and the passion and thematic depth of our American heritage. We honor the memory of legendary companies such as Spi, Avalon Hill or Victory Games, without neglecting our devotion to Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth.

We await your opinion on our projects and master plans for the domination of the civilized world.


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