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Afrogames is a company that was born from the ideas of two “somewhat crazy” friends who decide to embark on the difficult mission of creating board games with the aim that anyone can have a great time accompanied by their family and / or friends.

And you may wonder, why Afro? And honestly, we don't have an answer for it, because it came about by chance. In the multiple Brainstormings we have done, where there were many more laughs than "brains" and of course "stormings", the prefix "Afro" appeared as our hallmark.

It was a great Afro-discovery! Because, can you imagine any word that doesn't sound better with this prefix? We honestly didn't find any ...

So we got down to work and the first two games of the many we have in mind emerged: Afrojungle and Afrogym.

We sincerely hope that you will have as much fun with them as we have had creating and testing them.

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